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A dark fairy tale about the woods outside a small village and the monster that roams within them. Become Sage and play through to uncover the mystery when they're tossed away from everything they've ever known.

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The Village is all Sage has ever known. In their worst nightmares they never dreamed they'd find themselves trapped outside. And the nightmare is about to get even more frightening.

A priestess with a pure, holy aura, who knows more about the monster than Sage thought possible. Her guiding light might be the only thing to keep Sage from falling into the darkness.

The nightmare. The dark. The monster.

Two branching routes in a dark, immersive world

Change the protagonists pronoun

All original art

10 different endings


Sprite pose variations

30,000 + words


The demo features 20 minutes of content, and goes about halfway through the intro. The full game is estimated to be released late December/early next year! This game was successfully funded on Kickstarter October 3, 2019. You can check that page for large updates, or check the develops here!


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Twisted DEMO (mac) 103 MB
Twisted DEMO (pc/linux) 118 MB

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i love the artstyle

pretty good plot

interesting characters

waiting for more

Thank you very much!

Played the demo today and noticed something weird: fullscreen made the game duplicate itself on both of my monitors, and when I clicked anything the secondary monitor just went black and stayed that way even after I closed the game. I have Windows 10 and my version of the demo is up to date.

Hello! I'm sorry to hear about that. We haven't seen this error before but we'll do some testing to try and figure out what could be wrong. Thanks for bringing it to our attention and sorry it took so long to get back to you!


will there be romance?

Artist here! Thanks to the kickstarter, there will be light romance if you choose certain paths. 

Ooooh, I like this so far. I especially liked how you just get tossed into the woods with no explanation. Like, "hey, spooky forest-- in ya go!!!" 

Very much like a first-person fairy-tale so far. Really excited to see the full version.

Artist here! So glad you enjoyed. We can't wait to bring the full version to you!

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I just played your demo and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!
I feel like this will be an amazing game when it is finished. The demo has already been so good and pulled me in very quick! 

Thanks so much! We’re so glad you enjoyed. 

Bruh, it looks amazing

Thank you! We hope it won't disappoint when it's released!

Looking like it'll be great

We really hope it will be! A lot of effort has gone into perfecting the feel and atmosphere of the game!

This looks amazing already!

Thank you so much! We're hoping it'll provide an amazing experience from beginning to end!

I'm so excited, it looks amazing

We're super excited too! Thank you so much, we've put a lot of work into perfecting the atmosphere of the game!

Oh herro dere cant wait

Hi hi! We can't wait to finish it and get it out for everybody to play!

Thank you Fablesoft. Very cool.

No, thank you! We hope you'll enjoy the game when it's completed!

I'm sure it will be great

Deleted 162 days ago

Thank you for taking insterest in another one of our games! We're very excited for this one.