Kickstarter 100% funded!?

It took just under three days for the Kickstarter for Twisted to get to 100% funding! What does this mean?

From here on out we'll be looking for a composer for the game, and working to get to our stretch goals! The next of which will add more scenes to the full game, which means more content and potentially... romance?  Who knows!?

Our artist also finished a redesign of the main character, Sage! Find the image on our twitter account: FablesoftVNs! (I would just post the image here, but it's huge and I don't have a smaller version currently.)

If you're a composer and you're looking for work, feel free to message us through Twitter with your portfolio and rates!

Thanks much guys, and I can't wait to give you another update soon.


Twisted DEMO (mac) 103 MB
Sep 06, 2019
Twisted DEMO (pc/linux) 118 MB
Sep 06, 2019

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